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Thursday, May 25, 2006

43 - Reverse Robin Hood: Bush's Latest Regressive Tax Cut / O'Reilly's Own Words Condemn Fox News

In a recent poll, 60% of Americans said wealthy families don't pay enough in taxes. So what does the right-wing-controlled Congress run out and do almost at the very same time? Congress gave another huge, whopper of a tax cut to the wealthy, especially to the super wealthy.

We'll first analyze the numbers to see who really benefits from this Bush tax cut; then we'll explain how to debunk the right-wing propaganda defending this giveaway to the rich; next we'll listen to FDR show us how progressives should be talking about this and other economic justice issues; and finally, we'll close with a short evaluation of the prospects for change.

Also: we'll hear Bill O'Reilly unwittingly tell us how Fox News is not fair and balanced.

Jack Clark 2:30 PM [+]
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First off analyze the poll results:
The poll, since 60% as claimed said that the rich are getting off too easy, must not have actually polled the rich right? a dissenting majority could not come from people who are benefitting from the tax cuts.

Secondly, what type of economics are you people using? FDR? are you kidding me? He was a brilliant man but you cant ressurect an old hero and use his ideas today in economics. Trickle down, right now is the balanced way to increase our economy on the whole. Keysian would work except that our deficit is already bigger than Hillary Clinton's ego, so we cant, we are boxed in, so what do we do? Revert to capitalistic ideals in order to save th economy as a whole, unfortunately the direct result of this is immediate benefitws for the rich, which thousands of left wing lower strata will come out and complain about, but as time goes on, simple data regressions show that the economy benefits entirely. Sorry if i sound like a reganommics type, i myself agree that what we are doing is wrong, and that govt should stay out of affairs, but if they do get involved they should be fair, not kind, but fair. The problem is the realism of the situation, our hand is forced to play a card, and the only one that will make the rubber is Trickle-Down. 'nough said.
posted by Blogger Kirby  10:29 AM   [+]
Kirby, you have your head stuck so far up your ass it isn't funny. Trickle down... doesn't. It didn't work when Regan was president, and it doesn't work now. And all you right wing nut jobs preaching for a smaller government are gonna be crying in your cowboy boots when you get cancer or some other ailment (most likely caused by the lax environemental laws you passed to help big business make a bigger profit) that eats away your life savings, gets your house forclosed, and leaves your children with no college money, all because you didn't want the big bad government to enact a national health care plan. I just hope I live to see it, cause I'm gonna laugh and show you the big middle finger, F*** Y** you right wing peice of S***! :)
posted by Anonymous Anonymous  11:06 PM   [+]
Dumbya's own father dismissed 'trickle down' as voodoo economics.
Multinational corporations are not investing their ill gotten gains in manufacturing capacity, or increased employment in the US; on the contrary, multinationals are taking the government largesse and investing it in plants overseas, where they can hire someone for a tenth or less than what they would pay someone in this country.
posted by Blogger Brad Feldhaus  10:09 AM   [+]
Kirby was wrong, but not in the way you collectivists think. FDR was not a brilliant man. His economic policy, particularly the Agricultural Adjustment Administration and the National Recovery Administration, were essentially modeled after Mussolini’s fascist economic polices. These together with punitive tax rates, government protection of union extortion and violence (again the same as the measures enacted in fascist Italy and Germany) and meticulously directing the enormous levels of government expenditures as political pay offs to buy votes, drastically deepened and extended the Great Depression. This can be shown by the fact that unemployment was higher in 1938 than in 1931, private investment was net $3.1 billion down from 1930 to 1940 and per capita GNP did not recover to its 1929 level until 1940.

The unemployment situation only improved when he hired millions (by force through a draft) to fight and die in a foreign war. (I don’t understand how you leftist anti-war types excuse his war, absolve Kennedy of the Vietnam War and overlook Clinton’s war in Serbia, all while shrilly decrying Bush’s war ad nauseum.)

The economic well-being of consumers continued to decline through the war years with the first year of genuine recovery being 1948, years after FDR was rolled down the great handicap ramp into hell. Most importantly, this was also after FDR’s massive interventions and the federal budget were scaled back by two-thirds. Everytime the weight of government on the economy is lessened, the wealth of the country and ALL of its citizens grows. This was irrefutably the case under Reagan. All of this, Kirby, was also an unequivocal demonstration that Keynes was a fool.

We need to shake the rest of FDR’s baleful legacy on the American economy. That would be the true way to economic freedom and prosperity for everyone.
posted by Blogger THK Bob  8:11 AM   [+]
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Great podcast - a must listen to
Jack Clark documents the right's wars on the poor, civil liberties, the right of workers to organize at work and obtain a decent working wage and work conditions, and against other countries who refuse to accept American domination. Jack provides all the sources so that you can see for yourself how the right is out to enrich itself at the expense of everyone else. Great job, Jack!
Submitted By: magyarbill
awesome show
Clark always backs up his statements against the right wing with fact and data, which gives him all the more credibility. As conglomerate media controlled by politics clouds the mainstream news media, Jack Clark, along with NPR and Democracy Now! have become my primary news source. Awesome podcast!
Submitted By: jgates118
In-Depth, Meaty, Hardcore Knowledge
This podcast is not just entertainment, humor, chimp-bashing, or gee-whiz recap of the weeks events. Instead, it hits hard and in-depth on the world economic situation and how right-wing policies impact the poor and less advantaged all over the world. He examines Americas support of the World Bank, IMF,multinational corporations, etc., and connects the dots. This is a podcast for grown-ups. He gives good reasons why the right wing is NOT living up to its precious Bible, without putting down the Bible. As a Jesus-loving Christian and moderate Democrat, I respect this podcast for its subject matter. The grown-up manner of the speaker is just icing on the cake. He IS funny, but hes not trying to be, he just has a deadpan delivery but doesnt have to make jokes to make it interesting. The facts make it interesting and devastating.
Submitted By: ebrenn1
A Breath of Fresh Air
Jack Clarks Blast the Right podcast is truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to political commentary. Jack is not like some commentators who simply climb on their soap box and state their own opinions as fact. Instead, Jack welcomes competent challenges to his way of thinking, and with logical analysis and sound research, debunks the lies, distortions, and self-deceptions of the right wing. I strongly recommend Blast the Right for people who seek the truth and care more about the long term health and well-being of the whole citizenry than the short term personal gain advocated by modern conservatives. Listen as Jack carefully shows how the high-sounding "God and country" rhetoric of the right wing is really just a smokescreen for policies that ultimately lead only to the increased misery, suffering, and death of the less fortunate for the particular benefit of the wealthy and the well-connected. And, if you find yourself in agreement, return to Podcast Alley to place your vote! Thanks!
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