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Thursday, June 29, 2006

48 - Poll Reveals Americans Reject Right-Wing Agenda / A Listener's Family Story Of A Right-Winger In Denial

Right-wingers would have you believe that Americans share their views on the issues, on priorities, and on moral values. A recent poll shows that -- like virtually everything right-wingers say -- such assertions are baseless.

A listener sends in an mp3 with a telling story about his right-wing sister who spouts an ideology at odds with her own life.

Jack Clark 3:42 PM [+]
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As a debater (more years ago than I should admit) I heard a wonderful saying "figures don't lie but liars figuire". The figuires that jack quites DON"T LIE but the liars on the right figyuire YOU won't NOTICE. GREAT PODCAST JACK :)

As for the second story about the denial that the right is in... One MAJOR difference between progressive politics and REGRESSIVE politics is WE (the progressives) BELIEVE that "we are all in this togeather and TOGEATHER we are stronger and more powerful than on our own" ...on the other hand THEY (the regressives) firmly believe "YOU are on your own" (or YOYO for short) when the REALITY is NOBODY "does it on thier onw EXCLUSIVELY" .. in short these people live WAAAAY OUTSIDE reality.

The MAIN problem I have found is that rational arguments don't seem to sway people who are IRRATIONAL... sigh
posted by Anonymous Anonymous  10:17 AM   [+]
Great stuff, Jack. I've actually been thinking about just this topic recently--

I don't think too much of the right wing can honestly claim the majority of the country is actually conservative, and one of the things I've heard most often is that they claim the majority of the country is "moderate" or "centerist."

To me--and as you've implied--these terms really seem to be code words by right-wing propagandizers for "Republican by default," or a Republican who simply doesn't know it yet, for the most part--the Zell Miller or Joe Lieberman types.

The honest fact is that too many people in this country are depoliticized overall to really fit into any convenient category. They're either too busy actually taking care of their own lives or don't have access to the information that they need to make informed political decisions.

The Republican fear-mongering machine fits in here so well, as someone who is depoliticized but has personal convictions that would fall towards the progressive end will naturally choose the right-wing position when they are confronted with "factual support" for Conservative positions.

The sad part of this is that the Conservative deconstruction of the social safety net, along with outdated labor and minimum wage regulations, is slowly approaching the point where politics on the national level is directly affecting the lives of everyone in this country. It's sad to see that this is the last great hope for a progressive victory, but when people are confronted with a political choice that is explicitly against their own self-interests, I have to hope that the majority will decide in favor of progressive solutions.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous  11:44 AM   [+]
Thanks for #48. It supports my theory that most conservatives are actually former liberals who 'made it'. "I've got mine, now you get yours and don't expect any help from me. Gimme government programs which benefit me, such as disastrous tax cuts, elimination of the 'death' tax, tax credits for the galactically stupid SUV gas guzzlers.

You're on your own. you're on your own. YOYO YOYO YOYO

Thanks again
posted by Anonymous Anonymous  11:43 AM   [+]
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Great podcast - a must listen to
Jack Clark documents the right's wars on the poor, civil liberties, the right of workers to organize at work and obtain a decent working wage and work conditions, and against other countries who refuse to accept American domination. Jack provides all the sources so that you can see for yourself how the right is out to enrich itself at the expense of everyone else. Great job, Jack!
Submitted By: magyarbill
awesome show
Clark always backs up his statements against the right wing with fact and data, which gives him all the more credibility. As conglomerate media controlled by politics clouds the mainstream news media, Jack Clark, along with NPR and Democracy Now! have become my primary news source. Awesome podcast!
Submitted By: jgates118
In-Depth, Meaty, Hardcore Knowledge
This podcast is not just entertainment, humor, chimp-bashing, or gee-whiz recap of the weeks events. Instead, it hits hard and in-depth on the world economic situation and how right-wing policies impact the poor and less advantaged all over the world. He examines Americas support of the World Bank, IMF,multinational corporations, etc., and connects the dots. This is a podcast for grown-ups. He gives good reasons why the right wing is NOT living up to its precious Bible, without putting down the Bible. As a Jesus-loving Christian and moderate Democrat, I respect this podcast for its subject matter. The grown-up manner of the speaker is just icing on the cake. He IS funny, but hes not trying to be, he just has a deadpan delivery but doesnt have to make jokes to make it interesting. The facts make it interesting and devastating.
Submitted By: ebrenn1
A Breath of Fresh Air
Jack Clarks Blast the Right podcast is truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to political commentary. Jack is not like some commentators who simply climb on their soap box and state their own opinions as fact. Instead, Jack welcomes competent challenges to his way of thinking, and with logical analysis and sound research, debunks the lies, distortions, and self-deceptions of the right wing. I strongly recommend Blast the Right for people who seek the truth and care more about the long term health and well-being of the whole citizenry than the short term personal gain advocated by modern conservatives. Listen as Jack carefully shows how the high-sounding "God and country" rhetoric of the right wing is really just a smokescreen for policies that ultimately lead only to the increased misery, suffering, and death of the less fortunate for the particular benefit of the wealthy and the well-connected. And, if you find yourself in agreement, return to Podcast Alley to place your vote! Thanks!
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